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MGS In The News

[Marians of the Immaculate Conception] The Forecast Calls for Beautiful Showers – In the spring of 2013, Kaitlyn Mason was a newlywed and expecting her first child. Her friends and family held multiple baby showers for her, events that planted the seeds for a ministry… Joined with her friend Serena Boykin, Kaitlyn created “Mary Garden Showers.” The name “Mary Garden Showers” came to Kaitlyn from the idea of a Mary Garden in which flowers, plants, and trees are named for Our Lady and Jesus. These baby showers would be a different kind of “garden” for Mary.  Read More

[Simply Divine Mercy] MGS Ministry Update: Divine Mercy & Divine Providence – Women in crisis need to know about the message of Divine Mercy.  They need to know that God loves them no matter what happens.  He is there for them in the midst of their fears and anxieties.  He is protecting them, comforting them, and ready to forgive all of their transgressions.  In short, God is merciful!  Read More

[Simply Divine Mercy] A Small, Light Blue, Plastic Baby Shoe – It was a small, light blue, plastic baby shoe.  Its cash value was likely not more than about 20 cents.  But this woman held it in her hands, looked up at me, and asked, “Would it be okay if I keep this?”  Read More

[Catholic News Herald] VIDEO: Eucharistic Congress Highlights, Charlotte, NC – The Mary Garden Showers ministry is featured in highlight video of the 2016 Eucharistic Congress as a face of mercy to women in crisis pregnancies.  View Here

[] Extending Mercy to Mothers in Crisis Pregnancies – This post is part of our Ordinary Time, Extraordinary Mercy series, in which contributors will share their own experiences of living the Year of Mercy.  Read More

[] Want a Woman to Choose Life? Choose to Love the Woman! – Kaitlyn Mason shares the importance of responding to pregnant women in a healthy way, no matter what the circumstance.  Read More

[Simply Divine Mercy] 6 Simple Steps: How a Party Can Save a Life – Did you know that a baby shower has the potential to save a life?  Read More

[Made Ya Look Balloons] Mary Garden Showers Balloon Décor – Mary Garden Showers is a fantastic Christian organization who provides baby showers to women in at risk or crisis situations. Their goal is to love women by providing gifts from their registry, providing baby information and care tips, and providing encouragement and support in their time of need.  Read More

[Simply Divine Mercy] MGS Ministry Update: A Garden for Mary! – We are cultivators.  Cultivating a culture of life.  Encouraging new lives to be brought into the world.  We are cultivating a garden of new little lives.  Because “all the flowers He has created are lovely,” says St. Therese of Lisieux, and we want to see them all bloom and grow forever!  Read More

[Simply Divine Mercy] MGS National Update: God is on the Move! – We’re so excited, because from our vantage point – God is on the move through this apostolate!!!  We are so humbled and blessed to share all of this news with you.  Here are some Mary Garden Showers updates from each city where we are located.  Read More

[Simply Divine Mercy] MGS Ministry Update: God is Awesome! – About a month ago, I was praying that God would help this ministry to reach its full potential, whatever that may be. I prayed that He would help us to reach as many women and families as possible.  The response was immediate: “What if I told you that you can’t do it without the rosary?” Read More

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