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Sponsor a Mother

Sponsoring a mother is a beautiful way to extend Christ’s Mercy to the women we serve.  
We are always looking for people to sponsor mothers. Your sponsor group might be made up of friends, relatives co-workers, a Bible study group, neighbors, or a play group, or you can sponsor a mother as an individual.

We’ll connect you with a mother to shower.  You’ll be invited to attend the registry outing, and you’ll have opportunities to continue showering mom and baby with love – even after the party if you wish!

We will provide the venue and will help you invite guests and spread the word.  Sponsors generally provide cupcakes, lemonade, décor, and set up the gift registry for each mother, but your local Mary Garden Showers chapter can fill you in on specifics for the mother you’re showering.

Sometimes the best gift you can give a mother is your friendship.

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